Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tracing Bukenya, Besigye and Catholic Church troubles

Former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya is already facing the music just days after he was dismissed. The Inspector General of Government, Raphael Baku has indicted the former Mahogany of corruption related charges.
Prof. Bukenya is accused of pilfering money meant for motorcycles for Chogm. On the surface, it looks a real fight against the vice that many Ugandans have come to hate though it persists in their midst.  Some say the newly appointed Prime Minister is using the case to settle some personal beef with the lovely Professor of Medicine because he once called him [Mbabazi] a mafia. 
On  a lighter note, Prof. Bukenya was reputed in administering love therapy to beautiful ladies as well as good medicine to ailing patients. He dropped the latter but maintained the former trait.
Back to serious business. Although Bukenya has issues with Amama Mbabazi who apparently is using his former bag boy [ Baku] to get at the fired VP, the issues  run deeper than that.
My investigation reveals that the war against Bukenya has to do with America and the Catholic Church's perceived interests to depose President Museveni.
Those in power believe that the American President Barack Obama has no love for Museveni. They believe that Obama is using Rwanda to undermine the Kampala establishment.
They also believe that the Catholic Church is working clandestinely to throw out the Museveni hegemony.
According to sources, Museveni  is angry with the Church but because of its power, he has limited choices in confronting it.
The intelligence tell him that the Catholic Church is the conduit for FDC President Col. Dr Kizza Besigye's finances. They believe that there is a secret account at Centenary Bank through which funds to finance Besigye are channelled.
The security have tried to establish how the FDC man gets the cash but failed. They have narrowed it down to the Catholic Church.
In addition to Besigye, the operatives also believe that DP President Nobert Mao gets funds from the Catholic Church.
In their thinking, Obama is trying all means to  use Rwanda and the Catholic Church to start a rebel outfit against the Kampala regime. For long, Ugandan intelligence have taken the line that Rwanda is haboring a rebel group against Uganda.
IT is also speculated that Uganda is also nursing anti-Kigali plans. In fact some attribute Paul Kagame's failure to attend Museveni's swearing in to a planned coup against Kagame back home. Had Kagame travelled to Kampala, sources say, a coup could have erupted back home. This is also blamed on Kampala regime. The two regimes are on a love-hate relationship.
That is why May 24, 2011, the Internal Security Organisation sent an operative to a meeting of CARITAS, a Catholic NGO. The meeting was supposedly to take place in Kigali on May 25. According to ISO, this meeting on Regional Peace and Justice Forum was focused on how to support Opposition parties in Uganda and Kenya.
An operatve was quickly dispatched to Kigali. Sources say that he was accessed to the meeting by one of the Nuns from Kenya who is a mole for the Ugandan government.

Bukenya troubles

While the former VP has genuine corruption charges, my sources say that alone would not have led to his prosecution. He is also suspected of being too close to the Catholic Church, therefore, could become dangerous to the regime if Obama pushes his interests. The idea is to have some criminal charges hanging around him such that if need to incarcerate him arises, it then becomes easy to invoke the corruption charges.
Below read the ISO communication regarding the CARITAS meeting. ISO boss Col. Ronnie Balya personally authorised the infiltration of the meeting.

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