Friday, 25 March 2011

My first blog

The action by the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change


  1. Bravo Chris! I passionately follow your discussions at the KFM Hot Seat Friday Panel of Journalists.

  2. That is the best time of friday evening and i pray it isnt given the kimeza treatment

  3. "MTN chose Yellow colour which is the official colour for the ruling party....."


    Please let now your negativity towards MTN and the ruling party bias your logical thinking.

    MTN Group started in South Africa in 1994, yellow was its colour (to represent among other things - sunhine/brightness/etc) and only incorporated in Ugandan in 1998. It has presence in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Midde East and in each of these countries, it uses the same logo, colour, vision, mission statements, etc - be it SA, Uganda, Rwanda, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.

    Please be informed that Yellow is the colour of MTN Group.

    I'd rather you say NRM chose Yellow colour which is the of MTN Group.

    A little more research will be appreciated going forward.

  4. Tuks

    Also explain the jamming of its network whenever there's a riot